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July 6, 2016
Wet Basements and Sump Pump Failure: Some Ways to Protect the Lower Level


If you’ve got a wet basement, you aren’t alone. Bucks County is known for damp basements that are prone to water seepage and flooding.

As a homeowner, one way to protect your property is through sewer and drain backup coverage. Sewer and drain backup coverage, as the name of the product implies, covers water seeping into your home from sewers or drains.

At Warren Weiss Agency, the most common issue we see in wet basements is sump pump failure. In August 2011, Hurricane Irene swept through our area, wreaking all kinds of havoc, including flooded basements throughout our communities. You didn’t need to be an insurance agency to notice. The month’s after were telling. On trash days, for example, neighborhood streets and were a war zone of rolled up, soggy carpets, damaged furniture and ruined electronics.

Many homeowners think that adding a nice family room in their basement is an inexpensive way to add square footage and value to their home. And it is. But before you start framing out the walls, it’s important to minimize the risk of the loss of that space. Our recommendation is a simple equation: Calculate the total cost to build (or, better, to replace) all the walls and flooring, and add about $5,000 for cleanup. That’s the level of coverage you should have your finished basement.

Tip: In the event you ever do have water damage in your home, it’s best to hire a restoration company to clean up, repair the damage and treat for existing or potential mold. These companies are also great resources for helping you make changes to prevent future losses. Warren Weiss Agency works with a number of restoration professionals, and we’ll be glad to make the right introduction to minimize your risks.
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