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May 22, 2017
Weiss Agency Client Spotlight: Voce Cleaning
Weiss Agency Client Spotlight: Voce Cleaning

QUAKERTOWN, PA – Most homeowners would agree a house fire or basement flood would constitute the worst-case scenario. As unpleasant as it is to imagine such catastrophe, it’s even less pleasant to imagine the fallout. Dealing with insurance. Coping with loss. Undoing the damage.

Fortunately, that’s where Voce Cleaning comes in. After the dust has settled, and the smoke has cleared, and the flood waters have receded, owner Ed Voce of Quakertown and his team arrive.

And not a minute sooner. That’s an import distinction, according to Voce.

“Some competitors hire people to sit and listen to the [emergency radio] scanners,” says Voce. “Sales people show up while the house is still burning. There’s no ethics in that.”

Voce comes by his ethics honestly. Voce Cleaning, now in its 52nd year, first opened its doors in Spinnerstown as a local cleaning and painting shop owned and operated by Voce’s father. In the decades since, the company has evolved into a full-service restoration business serving as far north as the Poconos. From fire and smoke to water and mold remediation, there’s hardly a scenario that Voce Cleaning hasn’t handled during its tenure in the industry.

“We work with people who have lost everything,” Voce says. “Sometimes, they’ve even lost people.”

It’s the latter – the things that can’t be restored – that gives Voce the most profound sense of responsibility. Voce recounts a recent case where a young father, only 32 years old, died in a house fire. Surviving him was his wife and his young toddler.

“I thought, ‘that could have been me,’” says Voce.

To hear Voce tell it, compassion is the company’s biggest differentiator. It’s easy to think that any items lost are replaceable – “it’s just stuff” – but Voce and Co. recognize that certain things have intrinsic sentimental value.

“Some companies train employees on restoration and stop there. We teach employees that the homeowner’s sense of well-being is what matters.”

“And we only show up when we’re invited,” Voce adds.

According to Voce, nearly 85% of Voce Cleaning’s business comes by way of insurance referral, a large portion of which includes Warren Weiss Agency.

“Warren Weiss, and their staff, is tremendous,” says Voce. “We’ve been working with Warren Weiss Agency for 35 years. [They insure] our own home, and our parents’ homes.”

When Voce has had his own brushes with disaster, he’s turned to Warren Weiss Agency.

“Four months ago, a tree fell on my home. [Weiss Agency owner] Brian Benner was at my house within an hour to make sure we were OK and that meant so much. As passionate as they are about their clients, we are, too. It’s a great team to be around, and work with.”

For more information about Voce Cleaning, visit their website at or on Facebook at

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