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February 26, 2018
Warren Weiss Welcomes New Team Member Yahaira

Happy people work better! At Warren Weiss Agency, we believe your workplace should be more than just a job, it should be a career you enjoy and grow with. Fortunately, our new Customer Service Representative feels the same way. Introducing the most recent addition to the team: Yahaira Cordova!

Yahaira, who is the mother of two daughters, resides in Whitehall, Pennsylvania. As a social butterfly, her Customer Service role at Warren Weiss allows her to stretch her wings and take the opportunity to truly communicate with their customers.

“I’m a people person. I love to socialize and I felt I needed a job that suited that.”

Cordova is truly enjoying her new position at Warren Weiss, naturally fitting right in with the team and learning from all they have to offer. As she continues to learn the ropes of insurance, she’s found her coworkers to be a huge wealth of knowledge when it comes to getting a grasp on the policies and types of coverage.

“I love that I can be myself. I’ve already learned a lot from working here,” says Cordova. “I want to get really good at my job and learn everything I can.”

Previous to working with Warren Weiss, she worked in Texas assisting UPS, using her bilingual skills to assist them with writing and preparing their manifests for shipments to Mexico. Thanks to the teachings of her spanish-speaking family and having lived several of her teen years in Puerto Rico, Cordova’s bilingual talents help her better communicate with Warren Weiss customers who may not be comfortable with English.

“Many people don’t understand what they’re getting because it’s a lot of information and it’s not easy. It’s even harder when English isn’t your first language. We’re able to have more spanish speaking customers now,” Cordova explains.

Cordova is able to explain to Warren Weiss Agency’s spanish-speaking customers just what they’re getting for their money and, armed with her new insurance information, educate them on what kind of coverage they may need.

“Spanish-speaking customers can feel comfortable now, and I’m happy to enable that for them.”

With her freshly minted Insurance License, an enthusiasm for learning, and a deep passion for forming real human connections, Yahaira is excited to continue her journey as a Warren Weiss Customer Service Representative.

“I could see myself here for a long time. It’s not a job that I dread to coming to. I really enjoy it.”

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