Summer 2016 Newsletter
July 6, 2016
Top 10 Tips For Healthy Summer Living


  1. A Little Dirt Under the Fingernails Never Hurt Anyone
    When was the last time you worked outside? Considering planting a small garden. Plant flowers. If you live an apartment, cultivate potted plants. Gardening has been shown to reduce physical and mental stress. Always be sure to watch for leaves of three (poison ivy).
  2. Eat Fresh Berries
    Berries are full of antioxidants, which, as research shows, helps prevent cell and tissue tissues, and reduce the risks of chronic illnesses developing as you ash. Blueberries and blackberries are especially antioxidant-rich, and contain fiber, which keeps cholesterol low and may even mitigate cancer risk.
  3. Floss When You Brush
    Your dentist probably reminds you every six months to floss. She’s right. It’s time to start. Flossing reduces oral bacteria, which improves your body’s overall health. Pick up a pack of disposable floss picks to make the task easier, and carry them with you in the car or a purse.
  4. Sweat A Little
    When the weather’s nice, there are so many choices for outdoor activity. Hike, throw the football around, play backyard games with your kids, cycling, or go for a swim. Exercise is a social activity, and is a great way to bond with your spouse, children or friends. Not to mention, it’s easier on the wallet than paid activities.
  5. Take a Vacation
    We know how important work is to you. But vacationing is important for health. A nice relaxing vacations have can help lower blood pressure, your heart rate, and stress hormones such as cortisol, which contributes to a widening waist heart disease.
  6. Get a Good Night’s Sleep
    We know the days are long, but resist the urge to stay up too late. Avoiding daytime naps and snacks too close to bedtime – and, of course, exercise – can help make the sandman less evasive.
  7. Wear Sunglasses
    Sunglasses block 99% of ultraviolet rays. Sunglasses can help prevent cataracts, as well as wrinkles around the eyes.
  8. Drink Lighter Beverages
    When catching rays, avoid drinks with liquor. Instead, select a light, chilled alcoholic beverage. A sangria (table wine diluted with juice), a cold beer, or a wine spritzer are all refreshing, but light. Alcohol can help prevent heart diseases, as long as you stick to no more than one or two drinks daily. Of course, if you’re pregnant or have certain health conditions, you should avoid drinking alcohol altogether.
  9. Avoid Trashy Travel Foods
    While fast food might be tempting on long road trips, the reality is it loads you down with bad fats and carbohydrates – and who needs the extra bloat during the summer months? Over time, a fast food habit ends up costing more money, too. Pick up a pack of trail mix from grocery store instead to tide you over, or choose a light, green salad with protein and a light pack of dressing you absolutely have to.
  10. Find a Health Buddy
    This one should go without saying: you’ll have a harder time achieving any of your fitness goals by yourself than you will if you have someone working alongside you. A personal trainer isn’t always for everyone, but a spouse or friend will help keep you accountable. If you’re a busy, working professional, having a Health Buddy is a great way to build rapport with a client or colleague.

How well did you do with this edition’s Top 10 Tips?

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