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November 15, 2016
Top 10 Tips: What To Ask When Shopping Insurance this Holiday Season

If we don’t know what we’re looking for, shopping for a new insurance carrier can bring out the grinch in all of us. If you’ve got a policy up for renewal, of even if you’re thinking ahead about how to manage monthly expenses in the New Year, here are 10 tips that could make the task easier.

  1. Are they fly-by-night, or long-established?
    Warren Weiss Agency is local and has been active members of the community for 70+ years. Our current staff of risk planners has a combined 74 years of insurance experience.
  2. Can they scale their services?
    Warren Weiss Agency represents the best companies in the market today. We have handled the business insurance needs of companies with as little as one employee to businesses with 100s of employees.
  3. Do they tend to retain clients?
    When clients hire Warren Weiss Agency, they tend to stay with Warren Weiss Agency – and refer us to their children and grandchildren. Some of our client families have been with us for four generations.
  4. Do they continue to educate themselves?
    All of our staff are required to take ongoing risk management-related training courses. Our clients entrust a great deal to us. We believe continuing education is necessary to provide the highest level of expertise to our clients.
  5. Do they sell insurance, or do they actually manage risk?
    Warren Weiss Agency is a team of risk managers. And managing risk does not always mean selling insurance. There are options to addressing risk that cost absolutely nothing. One of the benefits of being a Warren Weiss client is that you receive that guidance regularly.
  6. Are they local?
    Dollars spent with local businesses stay in our community. Hiring a local agency helps keep America strong. Fun fact: When clients hire us, we tend to hire them, too.
  7. Can you put them on speed-dial?
    When a claim occurs, do you want a person to talk to, or an 800 number? Do you want the guidance of a local people who have been there and done that with countless other claims?
  8. Do their offerings evolve?
    If you’re just getting your policy declarations by mail once every six or twelve months, odds are your current agent is missing something. Warren Weiss Agency offers an ever-evolving suite of insurance solutions, and we feel it’s our responsibility to explain the importance of these products to clients who are good enough to give us their business.
  9. Are they active in the community?
    It may sound small, but let’s face it: in the most desperate times, you’re more likely to get help from a neighbor than you are from anywhere else. Warren Weiss Agency is active and involved in numerous networking and community groups, chambers of commerce and community service organizations. It’s our way of keeping up with the neighborhoods we serve.
  10. When life sneaks up on you, will you know where to find them?
    If you can’t find your current insurance agent on a map, will you be able to find them when you need them most? Warren Weiss Agency is conveniently (and conspicuously) located on Rte. 663, just west of the heard of Quakertown. Our location, like our way of doing business, keeps us in plain view at all times.

How well did you do with this edition’s Top 10 Tips?

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