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November 20, 2015
The 10 Most Dangerous Kitchen Gadgets

sharpest kitchen gadget

Here’s a surprising statistic: Three times as many house fires occur on Thanksgiving as compared to a typical day, reports the National Fire Protection Association. While it’s true that open flames or turkey fryers can quickly cause big damage, don’t discredit the power of a more humble object to ruin your family dinner. (If you’ve ever shaved your finger when a wet potato took a detour off your mandoline slicer, you know what we mean.)

Whether you’re a first-time cook or a well-seasoned pro, it’s wise to respect the power of your kitchen tools so you don’t hurt yourself or others. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions before trying out a new gadget – Hey, that food gripper comes with the mandoline blade for a reason! – and don’t let the chaos of the day distract you from being attentive to your slicing and dicing.

Can you guess what made the list of the 10 most dangerous kitchen gadgets? Read the source article from The Huffington Post.

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