You’ve worked hard for your money. Make sure it outlives you.

Our Single Pay Life Insurance policy will make sure your money makes it to your beneficiaries, without the threat of taxes or abuse of power of attorney. Talk to an agent today.

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    ErieSecure Single Pay Life Insurance

    You’ve been putting money aside your whole life. The children are grown, the house is paid—so what can you do with those saving now?

    Before you buy that beach house in Miami, you should consider investing it in a

    Single Pay Life Insurance Policy.

    What is Single Pay Life Insurance?

    In short: it’s an solution to death-taxes that gives you autonomy over how your money is divided after you’ve passed. When you die, all of your cash and property will be tallied up and taxed before your beneficiaries can use it. That lump sum you’ve been holding onto will be taxed and your beneficiaries will receive far less than you intended them to, unless you keep it safe and sound in a Single Pay Life Insurance plan.’

    How Does It Work?

    You make one premium payment to Warren Weiss, which grants you a large death benefit at a fixed interest where it has the potential to increase in value* over time, and waiting for the moment your loved ones need it. When you’ve passed away, your life insurance will be paid out to the people that you designated, but unlike the rest of your estate, the money in your life insurance will suffer little to no taxes. Your beneficiaries get the most of what you left them, and the money remains safe and available to only you until the moment of your death.

    It’s your money, shouldn’t you decide what happens to it?

    With a Single Pay Life Insurance Policy: you reduce your taxable income, determine where the money goes after death, and provide security for your family and beneficiaries that is tax-free**, no matter how big your death-benefit is.

    No recurring payments to worry over, no one else meddling in your income—just one worry-free place for your money to accrue interest.


    *Depending on economy and market
    **We cannot guarantee that it will be 100% tax-free.

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