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November 15, 2016
Bundle Up: The Real Risk of Using Multiple Insurance Carriers

What Consolidating Coverages Can Do for You Today

Would you buy a car without test driving it? Or purchase your next home without touring it? If you’ve got your insurance spread out among multiple agencies, that, in effect, is what you’re doing. Unless your agent understands how you live your life, it’s impossible to plan for what could go wrong. That’s especially important to consider as we enter the holiday travel period, which AAA and the National Safety Council estimate is the riskiest season of the year.

There is a workaround. It’s called “Bundling.” It’s a term you’ve probably heard. But what does bundling really mean? And is it really that important?

The Importance of Bundling

“Bundling” simply means buying a group of related services together from a single company. You might think it’s savvier to shop your services among multiple agents. In reality, it’s the opposite. If you have your phone, internet and television service through one provider, you’re buying a bundle. Bundling saves you time and money. And in the case of your insurance, it can save you a lot of future headaches.

The Warren Weiss Agency perspective is that bundling is the natural result of a thorough risk plan. To assess the entirety of your insurance needs, we need to first learn about you, your family, how you make a living, and all the things that matter most to you. It’s a conversation. And having that conversations so allows us to ensure no areas of weaknesses exist in your coverage program.

The Benefits of Bundling

The benefits of bundling are threefold:

  1. One phone call. Question about coverage? Concerned about a significant life change? Program your Warren Weiss agent into your phonebook. It’s especially important in case of a loss. Rather than having different agencies duke it out over who owes what, you’ll have just one agent and one insurance company to work with.
  2. One bill. When paying, you can arrange to have all coverages appear on one bill. That takes paper off your kitchen table, and spares hours each year.
  3. One heck of a way to save. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a $100 rebate for every $1,000 you spent on your mortgage, or on your holiday shopping? With insurance, those types of savings are a very real possibility. Combining policies on different areas of your life can yield savings of as much as 10 percent. The big advantage of bundling is that it saves you money.

Come talk to us at the Warren Weiss Agency. We have the expertise to protect both your personal life and your commercial interests.

Introducing Erie Secure Home™

A New Approach to Bundling

Any old insurance company will tell you to bundle your home and auto with the same insurance company to save money. Erie’s take on bundles is very different. Warren Weiss Agency offers enhanced homeowner’s product that’s essential to any complete risk plan: Erie Secure Home™.

With the Erie Secure Home™ bundle, your bundle benefits can include coverages for Sewer and Drain Back-Up, Loss Assessment and Siding and Roofing Restoration. The latest coverage offered is Underground Service Line Coverage. Our Erie Secure Plus™ and Select bundles now include $10,000 and $25,000, respectively, for damage to underground service pipes that are exterior to your residence. Of course, Erie does offer a generous multi-policy discount for Home, Personal Auto, Commercial Auto, Personal Umbrella and Life Policies.

Let’s talk today about how we can save you big, and add peace of mind to your life.

Complimentary Risk-Free Assessment

If your policy is up for renewal, or even if you haven’t heard from your agent in some time, there’s no time like the present to revisit the coverage you have and see whether it’s sufficient to coverage your lifestyle and personal circumstances.



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