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September 24, 2015
Quiz: What Should Your Car’s Name Be?

We get it – a car is more than just the way you get around town. Sometimes, it can feel like a trusted member of the family.

Name Your Car Day is celebrated each year on October 2. For many of us, that’s an occasion to take Ol’ Rusty or Lady Harriet to the car wash, reflect on all the miles you’ve driven together and fondly remember the day you came up with the perfect nickname for your trusty set of wheels.

But what if you haven’t found a name that fits your ride? ERIE has you covered. Answer these 4 quick questions and our Random Car Name Generator will find the perfect one for you.

From all of us at Erie Insurance, happy Name Your Car Day. (And go ahead – splurge on the rustproofing and brake dust remover. Your car will thank you.)

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