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February 2, 2017
Leanna Knight, Weiss Agency VP, Earns CIC Designation

Weiss Agency’s Personal Lines Manager now a Certified Insurance Counselor

Leanna Knight, Vice President, Personal Lines Manager—and now, Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC)!

We’re pleased to announce that Leanna Knight, Warren Weiss Agency’s Vice President and General Manager of Personal Lines, successfully completed her Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) Institute coursework in early January.

The rigorous certification process required passing multiple course sequences and formal exams over the course of two [2] years. The designation also requires ongoing coursework via the National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research.

To be sure, the program has required, and will continue to require, an extension of time and effort. The designation is a testament to Leanna’s character, and her dedication to this Agency and the surrounding community. We’re incredibly proud of her work.

Please join us in congratulating Leanna for a job well done!

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