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May 8, 2017
Dreading the Thought of a Major Claim? Give Yourself an Upgrade

Green Upgrade by ERIE enables better business after disaster

by Jason McLean, Commercial Lines Manager

In business, loss is sudden and often catastrophic. Lightning strikes, loose wires and old plumbing are just a few of the ways your business might be dealt a bad hand. While preventative maintenance is always the best medicine, your business insurance policy may also offer some preemptive benefits worth discussing with your Risk Management agent.

Consider ERIE’s UltraPack PlusSM business policy: Did you know you can turn catastrophe into greater efficiencies, and even potential tax benefits, using Green Upgrade coverage? Green Upgrade coverage is an optional policy endorsement. When in effect, Green Upgrade rebuilds your commercial property after a loss using more energy-efficient and environmentally preferable materials, products or methods in design, construction, manufacture or operation. Better still, the Green Upgrade Coverage extends any associated loss-of-income protection for an additional 30 days over the standard protection period.

Green Upgrade can translate into tremendous financial benefits for energy-intensive operations such as restaurants, auto garages and manufacturers. Businesses, make sure you’re ready to come back, and better than ever.

Ask your agent today about Green Upgrade!

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