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August 15, 2017
Celebrating 40 Years in Business, Area Business Owner Remains Loyal to Warren Weiss Agency

UPPER DUBLIN, Pa. — It’s no small feat to be a landscaper in rural Pennsylvania. Sure, there’s plenty of grass. But there’s also plenty of competition. If you want proof, look no further than entrepreneur Joe Perry.

“There are a million different landscapers out there,” Perry is quick to acknowledge.

Perry, founder and namesake of J. Perry & Sons Landscaping and Nursery in Upper Dublin, Pa. should know. He founded his business as a residential lawn maintenance business in the early 70s. Since then, he’s seen plenty of competitors come and go.

“It’s a matter of establishing a reputation,” says Perry. “You do that by taking care of the customers that you’ve had for the better part of 40 years.”

Indeed, the one constant, Perry says, has been his customers. Particularly his original customers—some of whom remain with him to this day.

“Loyalty from our customers has been huge,” Perry says. “They trust us. They’re not going around shopping.”

Another contributing factor to Perry’s tenure is the continuous evolution of his service offering, which has been thanks largely to his son, Anthony.

“About five years ago Anthony graduated from [Delaware Valley College] with his horticulture degree. It was around that time he decided to come in the business.”

The knowledge Anthony brought with him, says, Joe, has “doubled” the business. Far from merely grass cutting, J. Perry & Sons today offers much more in the way of design, installation, hardscaping and more.

“[Anthony] is hands-on. He’s always in contact with with customers, going out to see them, talking to them…it’s pretty obvious when somebody who claims expert comes doesn’t have knowledge. Anthony does have knowledge.”

That and integrity is what wins J. Perry & Sons the business much of the time.

“We’ve had to redo patios that other landscapers have done because they were never properly installed. You get what you pay for. We tell new customers, ‘If you go with the cheapest game in down, just know they’re probably cutting corners.’ We don’t cut corners. The work is always done right. and we stand behind it.

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