Auto Industry Coverage Program



Auto Industry Coverage Program

You’re in the business of cars.

We’re in the business of your success.

Whether you own a dealership or express lube, we’re willing to bet you aren’t afraid to get a little grease on your fingers. Why should you be? With over 7.9 million cars sold in 2014 alone, you know greasy fingers are worth more than clean ones. But if cars are how you make your living, you know how delicate your business is. You’re one dip in the economy, one bad review or one slip on the shop floor from trouble. That’s where we come in.

Warren Weiss Agency’s Auto Industry Coverage Program is designed to help you close coverage gaps to protect your reputation, customers, employees and equipment without tying up precious operating capital. Trust us. We’ve been insuring garages throughout Upper Bucks and Lehigh for more than 70 years.


Why Choose the Auto Industry Coverage Program?

  • One-Stop Risk Management
  • 2-Hour Turnaround on Certificates of Coverage
  • Exclusions for Business Use of Personal Vehicles, and Vice Versa
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Comprehensive Annual Reviews
  • A Better Night’s Sleep


Is your dealership, garage or shop at risk? Complete our survey of the Top 25 risk factors for Mechanics & Automotive Business Owners to find out.

    What type of auto repair business do you own?

    How is your business structured?

    What vehicle capacity do your garage bays allow for?

    Have You Ever...

    ... used personal equipment (vehicles, tools) for business purposes?

    ... used business equipment (vehicles, tools) for personal purposes?

    ... worried about the worst case scenario in your daily business operations?

    ... taken out a personal umbrella policy?

    ... personally guaranteed a business line of credit, business loan, business auto title, or business property title?

    ... stored business effects, such as documents, equipment, or checkbooks at home?

    ... used a structure on your home property, such as a shed or garage, for business storage, meetings or other aspects of your restaurant operation?

    ... been threatened by, or otherwise dealt with, a dissatisfied, irrational or angry customer?

    ... installed and/or activated a security system of any kind?

    ... conducted business activities, whether related to your primary business or a side business, from home?

    Do You...

    ... have W2 employees?

    ... use 1099 / independent contractors in any capacity?

    ... have union employees?

    ... have a contingency plan for loss of key people?

    ... own vehicles?

    ... own property?

    ... have debt?

    ... offer a warranty on your services?

    ... service luxury, antique or rare vehicles?

    ... provide parking for your patrons?

    ... offer concessions, such as bagels or coffee?

    ... host events, parties or fundraisers at your facilities?

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    Our Auto & Vehicle Professionals Program accounts for everything. Schedule an appointment with our experienced business risk management team today. By clicking submit, you agree to have one of our Risk Managers contact you with the results of your assessment.

    Warren Weiss Agency At-a-Glance

    Over 70 Years in Bucks County

    A Third-Generation, Family-Owned Business

    Offers Swift, Immediate Service

    Second-to-None Commercial Liability Expertise

    Allied with the largest commercial lines insurer in Pennsylvania

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