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August 29, 2018
Adulting 101: Intro to Risk Management


You’ve got a bright future ahead of you—make sure it’s protected.

  • Renters insurance – As a young individual establishing your place in the world and the workplace, it’s easy to get fixated on the money you don’t have—but what about the assets you do have? Protect your possessions, both in your home and your car, with renters insurance.
    • Homeowners insurance – If you’re buying your first home, you’ll may need homeowners insurance in order to get a mortgage. We can help you pick out a policy that works for your new home.
  • Life insurance – You’ve got student loans, car loan payments, and possibly a mortgage that you need to be around for—so what will happen to your spouse or family if something happens to you? Young widows are the least prepared to absorb the blow of no longer being a two income household, and parents aren’t always ready to take on extra debts. Life insurance can help you keep your debts from overwhelming your loved ones.
    • Disability insurance – If you live paycheck to paycheck, it can feel like you can’t afford to miss a day of work. When you’ve got disability insurance, you can afford to take the time off of work you need to get back into tip-top shape.
  • Pet insurance – Pets are as dear to you as family! You love them, but they have a tendency to be unpredictable. Make sure the littlest member of your growing household is safe, no matter what mess they get themselves into.
    • If your pet is a dog or cat, enrolling them in behavioral training can lower your renters or homeowners insurance.
  • Auto insurance – Did you know your commute can affect your auto insurance? Your auto policy is meant to cover all the things you use your car for most. If you use public transit to get to work or work/live in a metropolitan area, your auto policy should reflect that so only pay for the protection you need.
    • If you get in an auto accident, the cheapest auto policy often only covers the other driver and their car. In trying to save on your auto policy, you could end up spending more on medical bills and mechanic repairs. Let us find you a policy that protects you as much as it does the other driver.
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