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August 20, 2019
Adulting 101: Beginner’s Guide to Car Shopping

First time car buyer leaning out of car window giving a thumbs up

When you cross the threshold into adulthood, one of the first things you’ll likely do is buy a car. Maybe you’ve had your license for years and consider yourself an experienced driver — but owning a car is a different ballgame than just having access to one. We’ve all been there! As you dive in to the process, here are some of the most important things to keep in mind.

Which type of car is right for you?

Some people consider themselves experts and know exactly what they want and need from a vehicle. But it’s OK if that doesn’t describe you. Start with the basics: how many seats do you need? How much storage? Which features are important to you? Once you have those down, you can get more specific and figure out which makes and models suit you best. There are lots of great online resources, like Kelley Blue Book, that provide trustworthy information and reviews to help with your search.

What is your budget?

This is, perhaps, the most important question you’ll have to answer in the process of buying a car. Your price range will obviously dictate which sticker price you can afford, but the expenses don’t stop there. Gas mileage, for instance, can vary greatly, so you should determine your budget for gas and narrow your options accordingly. If you’re buying used, make sure you know the service history — if the car has required major repairs in the past, that suggests expensive upkeep going forward. Factors like these need to be included in the equation; otherwise, you could end up spending a fortune well after driving off the lot.

Which insurance carrier should you choose?

Not all car insurance is created equal. And when it comes to your vehicle, we advise against cutting corners. Driving is, for most of us, the riskiest activity we engage in on a daily basis; that’s why having a comprehensive coverage plan is so important. Moreover, the best insurers will have the best personnel to assist you in those stressful moments.

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