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May 28, 2014
A Roundup of the Best Boating Tips


Few things mean summer more than a relaxing day on a boat. You’ve dreamed of these days all winter—and now that they’re here, you can’t wait to get on the water.

But boating isn’t as simple as hopping aboard your vessel and starting the motor or hoisting the sails. That’s why it helps to review a few boating tips before you leave the dock for the first time this season.

In this series, you’ll learn boating tips about:

  • How to get your boat and boat equipment ready for summer: Your preparation starts here. In this post, we’ll discuss how you can make sure your boat is in good working order for the season ahead.
  • Boat safety best practices: Learning proper safety precautions and procedures is the most important piece of your boater education. In this post, you’ll learn what should be on your boat, what operating mistakes boat owners commonly make and how to ensure you and your guests stay safe in the open waters.
  • Boat insurance: Accidents and mishaps can happen. If one involves your boat, your insurance can make all the difference. In this post, you’ll learn about state mandates for boat insurance, what coverage is needed and when and where your boat insurance applies.
  • The best boating locations on the Great Lakes: Now that you know the essentials, you’re ready to go. So where are you headed? This post will show you some of the best boating locations the Great Lakes have to offer. You’ll also learn about the attractions that make each place stand out.

Ready to learn more? Then let’s get started.

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