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September 28, 2015
A Dozen Ways to Customize Your Motorcycle

You’ve finally decided on the perfect bike. (Not quite there yet? Then be sure to take our quiz.) Now, you might be looking to put your own special spin on your bike.

If so, here are some common ways to customize your motorcycle.

  1. A paint job: You can go with a monotone color—or one with a funky design. Whatever you choose, make sure it screams you.
  2. Heated grips: Who doesn’t need a little extra warmth when the weather turns cold? Heated grips will keep your digits toasty and let you wear lighter gloves. Live in a warm-weather part of the country? Then consider custom handlebars.
  3. Custom lights: Some options here include strip lights (low-wattage lights that make your bike more visible), pencil beam driving lamps (focused lights that project far into the distance) and wide beams (supplements to low beams). Another trend is to replace headlight lenses with clear lenses and faceted reflectors, which results in brighter, whiter and more focused light.
  4. A touch of chrome: Chrome is perennially popular and can be added to almost any part of your bike.
  5. Custom exhaust pipes: In addition to increasing your bike’s horsepower, custom exhaust pipes can also add great sound.
  6. A new seat: A new seat can add style—and comfort—to your ride. Looking for a less expensive option? Then consider getting a new seat cushion.
  7. A new set of wheels: There are many styles out there—but in general most riders opt for wider ones.
  8. A windshield: It might not be the most exciting accessory, but a windshield can help you stay warm during chilly nights…and keep bugs out of your face.
  9. A sound system: Some options here include an old-fashioned AM/FM radio, satellite radio and a CB radio. Helmet speakers are also available—just make sure they’re legal in your state before you invest in them.
  10. An engraving: Have a design you love? Then consider having it engraved on your bike’s chrome.
  11. New foot pegs: There are lots of stylish options out there. If you ride for long stretches, consider highway pegs. Forward-placing pegs let you extend your legs during long rides.
  12. Change up the shocks: Changing up your bike’s suspension lets you customize how stiff (or how soft) your ride is.

No matter which bike you have and how you choose to customize it, you’ll want to make sure that you have the right insurance coverage at the right price. Erie Insurance now offers improved motorcycle coverage so you can ride easy. Contact an Erie Insurance Agent in your community to learn more and get a free quote.

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