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October 26, 2015
10 Scenes from Superstorm Sandy

Superstorm Sandy

When Superstorm Sandy ravaged much of the eastern United States three years ago, it caused $62 billion in damage and led 8.1 million homes to lose power.

Today, most (but not all) communities have recovered. And we’ve all learned some important lessons as a result of the disaster.

Yet it’s easy to forget those lessons as time goes on. That’s why it’s worth reviewing them and to also reflect on the seriousness of weather events like Superstorm Sandy. Whether it’s a tornado, severe winter weather or a treacherous storm like Sandy, it’s important to be prepared by having emergency kits for your home and car. Another thing you’ll want to have is the right insurance coverage. (An insurance professional like an Erie Insurance agent can help you with that.)

AccuWeather recently compiled a series of before-and-after photos from Superstorm Sandy. Get an idea of why being prepared is so important by reading the source article at

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